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Tips for playing better at the Higher Tiers - posted in General Discussion: Just looking for some goods tips for playing at better at the higher tiers.

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I don't normally play higher tiers (9 & 10) but ever since I bought the Super Sherman I been playing them alot more, and I noticed something.

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hi guys.i am really mad of the matching going gosteroids.com am i supposed to play with two tiers higher than gosteroids.comy got to tier 7 to find my.

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Sure you get bad teams once in a while but so what? So what do people think is so hard about playing higher tiers? Edited by Officer_Blitz,

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'I just don't get how to roll with my tank'. don't play it then, don't ruin others At higher tiers you need to start thinking about adapting and.

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Hello, With the Conqueror right now, I Wonder what is the point playing cruisers anymore? I recently read the Q&A on reddit with.

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How can you learn to be a better player if you have not seen how higher tiers play? Maybe out of noob team mates you will have one.

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I do not know why but I can't for the life of me consistently do more than my own health at tier 6 and below, yet when I play high tier tanks I can.

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posted in For Newcomers: As the title says, Im wondering if you get more XP and Silver once you get to play at higher tiers. Anyone who can.