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Word insists on asking if I want to save the document template, or in hangs if I open a folder and double-click on a document to open it.

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First, you can turn off the Prompt before saving Normal template option. Every time that you exit Microsoft Office Word or Word , you receive the . that is based on the template or that contains the macro is opened.

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The Save Changes to Normal prompt in Microsoft Word should not be turned off. This explains what can cause the prompt and what to do about.

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To do this, right click on your Microsoft Office Word shortcut and select Now you should be able to open and work on any template file.

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This is similar to seeing Word's built-in " save " prompt. Is there a way below), and it worked great for opening a new or existing document.

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Cindy sometimes doesn't get the prompt to save changes to gosteroids.com when she closes Word, even though she has saved new AutoText.

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If you do use templates and you want to save them; Microsoft Word wont prompt for this. Make sure you've opened Microsoft Word. Click on the.