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Who's fooling who? -- casual conversational English Who is fooling whom? -- formal, careful English.

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who's fooling whom? A research report by OPP® exploring the impact As business psychologists, OPP®'s consultants By Robert McHenry, CEO, OPP Ltd.

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For those who want to accomplish extraordinary things, April Fool's Day is a day to celebrate. They play it safe, and they never accomplish extraordinary things, all because they're afraid of looking foolish. Here are 30 inspirational quotes about risking foolishness for greatness.

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work and home in different contexts. For instance, the OPP report Who's. Fooling Whom? shows how much peo- ple still intentionally alter their true colors—both.

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The Liyu Police and their treatment of people in the Ogaden (Somali) and . vocal in their criticism of the government, who, because of their profile and 52 Advocacy for Oromia, Oromo Liberation Front: Who is Fooling.