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Twilight Zone's writers frequently used science fiction as a with seemingly innocuous fantasy and sci-fi stories.

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Twilight Zone: 19 Original Stories on the 50th Anniversary is a collection of short stories written by various authors and edited by Carol Serling, the widow of.

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Stories from the Twilight Zone has ratings and 59 reviews. a side note, it's very sad that Rod Serling died, he was a wonderful narrator and brilliant writer.

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Although Rod Serling, who created the classic television series that ran from to , is the writer most associated with The Twilight Zone, he was not.

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[Chilling Stories from] Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone [Rod Serling, Walter B. Gibson] on gosteroids.com STORIES: The Ghost of Ticonderoga; Back There; Judgment Night; The Curse of the Seven Towers; The I also had the three- paperback series of stories from the TV show, written by Rod Serling. Shop Online.

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In the original run of The Twilight Zone, there were a lot of current, as well as not- so-current, short stories used as inspiration. Recently, I had a.

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Complete Stories. Rod Serling. For my brother Bob,. the first writer of the Serling clan. Contents. Introduction by T.E.D. Klein. The Mighty Casey. Escape Clause.

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You have just entered into THE TWILIGHT ZONE. This book is based off of a pre- show of a ride,called THE TWILIGHT ZONE Tower of TERROR.