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than other people who play the game (WoW and/or Diablo) such as one of the .. You can't clear Dragon Soul on Normal difficulty even with the help of the.

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Domieneo 12 May 90 Orc Warlock The Burning Goldfish Stars won the Dragon Soul Challenge and is donating % of their prize!! Big props to them!.

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Dragon Soul Challenge: Vodka Vs. Method - Update - Another VoD Perspective . It was an incredibly tight finish and we won't spoil anything up here for people .

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Athene recently held a Dragon Soul Challenge between two top World of Warcraft guilds, Oh, and did we mention you'll have chances to win Razer products?.

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4 timezones, 4 different parts on earth.i guess one of the guilds is playing in 2 - Stop spamming razer and the logo of dragon soul, we are.

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Dragon Soul Challenge streams The run will be Dragon Soul man with 0% buff, the first guild to kill Madness of Deathwing will be declared the winner.

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That said I'm surprised Vodka didn't win it with the extra DPS they ran. 3) Generally what classes are weak for dragon soul, and how much.

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Enemies are immune to Physical Damage. Open on: Sunday, Wednesday, and Saturday.

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Challenges Stone forest. Unbearable 3 stars *these are how I won please post how u did. FB_IMG_jpgx KB.