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I believe many manufacturers make Restoration Hardware's furniture. Most is from Vietnam or China. Very few USA, if any, manufacturers. I sell against them.

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Costa Teak Collection. 2 depths fabrics, 3 stocked fabrics. Contrast piped cushion options available. Stocked items ready for delivery in days in most.

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You are not to buy a sofa at Restoration Hardware. close enough that RH could make some adaptations to make it their “own.” These sources are all in China and they are all selling to ANYONE, not just furniture dealers.

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Restoration Hardware subset of products imported from China, inclusive of various furniture and lighting product categories. luxury home furnishing market, RH is well positioned to make pricing adjustments if necessary.

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Realize that Restoration Hardware doesn't actually make any of this He was furniture shopping recently and found the company who makes.

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RH (formerly Restoration Hardware) is an American home-furnishings company headquartered . In an attempt to go further "up-market", the company has focused itself on furniture gallery offerings at higher price points to distinguish to move past the “four walls of the web” and to make it “exciting for people to shop again”.

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When the recession dealt furniture retailers a beating, Restoration Hardware responded in a counterintuitive way: Instead of slugging it out with.