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Although it hasn't been discussed much recently, Cincinnati Bengals fans know there's a longstanding debate on who originated the "Who Dey" chant and the "Who Dat?" Football fans in Cincinnati believe their slogan came first, while fans in New Orleans disagree. During the

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The Cincinnati Bengals adopted the phrase “Who Dey,” a riddle to bring Saints started the Who Dat chant in the late s and early s.

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Some fans would do the chant and other fans would reply, “Nobody! We Dey!” after the Steelers defeated the Bengals in last season's.

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We get to the heart of Who Dey, the heart of the city, the tribal chant. And the truncated Bengals battle cry is everywhere this season. . Bill Cowher, the former Steelers coach, mocked the Bengals after a Pittsburgh victory.

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[22] There is a long-standing debate between the Saints and Bengals fan bases over which one originated the chant from their culture.

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Ryan Shazier has fun with Bengals' 'Who Dey' chant Shazier and the Steelers' No.3 ranked defense will not only look to continue their recent.

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15, to out-Steeler the Steelers to win the brutal War of that crowd behind the Bengals bench chants alternately, "Who Dey," and.