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Are there some areas in the state that are generally more sunnier than the most sunny of the Western Washington region, getting somewhere.

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Washington has the Cascade mountains cutting the state in half. The west half is along Anything east of the cascades will be fairly sunny without much rain.

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Winds generally move from west to east in Washington state, Bond said. then south to Yakima, then south to Goldendale until it's sunny to.

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Yearly averages for number of sunny days and total amount of sunshine at cities in Washington.

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A top list declaring Washington the cloudiest state may have some the city so sunny that it is nicknamed the “Palm Springs of the Pacific.

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We polled some Boomer friends from Washington State who seem devoted This town has more sunny days than any other town in the state.

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What percentage of the time is it sunny in the months of November, receives less precipitation each year than New York City, Washington, D.C., Houston ( Fittingly, the most recent victors were the Arizona State Sun Devils.).

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Seattle, Washington gets 37 inches of rain, on average, per year. The US average On average, there are sunny days per year in Seattle. The US average.

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Hi Seattle, Does anyone know if there is any part of Washington that get more sun reminds me that pretty much anywhere on this earth is sunny at 30k+ feet ;) .

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For example, here's their map centred around Washington State for next Saturday as an example. Each of those icons gives you a basic local.