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Cockeyed. July 20th, by admin. Not quite right. Dear Word Detective: How did the word “cockeyed” originate? I checked your archives and was surprised to .

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Her question was very straightforward: “Where did the word cock-eyed come from ?” Well, its origin is rather straightforward, too. Cock-eyed (or.

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A guy was born without eyelids, so when they circumcized him they used the leftover skin to make eyelids hence the term cock-eyed. ;).

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Cockeyed may refer to: Crooked or askew; not level; An eye alignment disorder Strabismus; A website gosteroids.com · Disambiguation icon. Disambiguation.

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Definition of cockeyed - crooked or askew; not level, (of a person or their eyes) having a squint.

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Other Words from cockeyed. cockeyedly \ ˈkäk-​ˌī(-​ə)d-​lē \ adverb. cockeyedness \ ˈkäk-​ˌīd-​nəs \ noun.

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adjective 1. cross-eyed. 2. having a squinting eye. 3. twisted, tilted, or slanted to one side. 4. Slang. a. foolish; absurd. b. intoxicated; drunk. c.