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Kahr Arms is an American small arms manufacturer founded by Justin Moon, son of Sun Myung Kahr was at the forefront, offering relatively small, well-made pistols with magazine capacities of up to eight rounds of 9mm orcaliber.

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The Kahr slide is made from Stainless Steel bar stock and is also precision Every Kahr pistol is made in accordance with the strictest international.

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Two years later the Kahr Arms division was formed to develop and produce the pistol design Justin had invented. In he became the.

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Kahr Arms came out of nowhere to dominate the ultra-compact pistol market. . of Retaining a Trigger Bar Onto a Trigger made the Kahr pistols possible.

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The K9, like all subsequent Kahr pistols, could be safely carried without a . Recently Kahr even made a C Series pistol for the crowd that.

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Two more brands to consider: SIG SAUER and Kahr Arms. Kahr is a Their guns used to be designed in Switzerland and made in Germany.