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Tasha Connor in When the Lights Went Out () When the Lights Went Out . The first time Sally goes to school she leaves the house with her hair in a pony.

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Directed by Jimmy Chen, Feier Zong. With Remy Remigio, Hannah Townsend. Two college sex-buddies reconnect for one last hook-up, and re-hash the past.

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Directed by Andrea Foster. With Sarah Angela Dickson, Larry Rosen. Some things we can predict. Some things we can not. Sometimes the lights go out.

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Lights out tells the story of a couple that just broke up. Lights Out () When Thomas accidentally made a noise, he goes to check out the car, thinking.

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Day last appeared on the big screen back in , in the blackout movie Where Were You When the Lights Went Out? and romantic comedy With Six You Get.

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When the Lights Went Out () on IMDb: Plot summary, synopsis, and more.

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Alexander DiPersia in Lights Out () Maria Bello at an event for Lights Out ( ) . Sinister I () . Rebecca and her boyfriend Bret investigate the connection of Sophie with Diana and come up to a scary revelation about their past.

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The firefighters of Hong Kong's Pillar Point division battle an out-of-control Xiao shi de zi dan () . The thematic coincidence in such a short span definitely hurts AS THE LIGHT GOES OUT's box office performance, but the film per se.