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You could be suffering from THIS medical condition people who get annoyed by sounds like loud chewing or breathing could have a genuine.

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For people with misophonia, chewing, slurping, and even breathing noises can How can you love someone when the sounds they make repulse you? with simply feeling irritated with annoying sounds, which is incorrect.

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If heavy breathing, in all of its forms doesn't grind your gears, then chances are you probably annoy someone with that very habit. Yet there's some gravity.

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The Real Reason Those Annoying Noises Drive You Mad Now, when you're a generally intolerant person—someone with overly high . ticking (i beat the loud ticking one to death with a hammer), gum, breathing, etc.

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You can quiet your breathing by developing it properly. To do so, you can join me at an Optimal Breathing Individual or practitioner training. Or begin with our.

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Maybe you can't stand the sound of someone eating popcorn. And worst of all (for Do you hate the sound of someone breathing? Do you hate the sound of a.

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by oral sounds -- the noise someone makes when they eat, breathe, or even chew. You might attack the person who's making the sound -- physical or Seeing someone get ready to eat or put something in their mouth.