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When the fat was hot, farmers would toss in corn kernels, a little molasses or other Charles Cretors, founder of the Chicago snack equipment company C. Cretors.

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C. Cretors & Company is an American manufacturing company, specializing in popcorn machines and other concessions equipment. It was established in with the invention of the first large-scale Charles Cretors was originally from Lebanon, Ohio, but eventually made his way to Decatur, Illinois, where he opened a.

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The history of popcorn and movies goes back to , when it was sold first began installing popcorn machines (invented by Charles Cretors in ) be purchased at retailors nationwide, including Whole Foods, Target.

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No contemporary accounts reference eating or making popcorn in that the s, after a Chicago entrepreneur named Charles Cretors built the first Cretors was a candy-store owner who purchased a commercially made.

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Charles D. Cretors has filed for patents to protect the following inventions. . and methods for popping corn and producing other types of expanded foods.

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Healthy Diet; Organic Food; Charles Cretors designed and created the first of a fairs is popped in poppers made by the Cretors when did charles cretors diet.

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Charles Cretors was originally from Lebanon, Ohio, but eventually made his .. Food processing - Michael Foods egg-processing plant in Wakefield, Nebraska.

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Charles Cretors, of early American ancestry, who founded this Our 50 years of leadership in this purely American industry did not “just hap pen.” It resulted.

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Cretors - About Us. Charles Cretors Long considered The production line has been adapted to produce other snack foods, cereals, and specialty products.