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There are some things that you want to shake—like maracas, a Polaroid picture, or your groove thing. But your steering wheel? Not so much. If your steering.

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Before you hit the road with your quivering car, be sure to ask a mechanic you trust to take a look at your rotors -- a possible cause of a shaking steering wheel.

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Sometimes brake rotors can be the cause of shaking. If your steering wheel shakes while you are braking then the problem could be caused by.

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Get Rid of Steering Wheel Shake When Braking.: There are common problems that cause your steering wheel to shake when you apply the brakes. In order from .

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The first step in finding a solution for a steering wheel that vibrates during braking is to determine the cause of the shaking. As we mentioned.

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Many motorists have experienced this problem: The steering wheel starts to shake when brakes are applied at high speed. What can cause that?.

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Brake judder is the vibration felt through the steering wheel and suspension when the brakes are applied at certain speeds and pressures. It can vary from a.

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Over time, heat causes the rotors to warp and you get a pulsation in the pedal and often in the steering wheel, especially under hard braking. If this is the type of .

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Have you ever been cruising down the road with your car running smoothly, only to find that your steering wheel suddenly starts trembling like a hairless dog on.