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The Viceroyalty of New Spain was an integral territorial entity of the Spanish Empire, established by Habsburg Spain during the Spanish colonization of the.

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The Viceroyalty of New Spain was the name of the viceroy-ruled territories of the Spanish Empire in North America and its peripheries in Asia from to

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Viceroyalty of New Spain, Spanish Virreinato de Nueva España, the first of the four viceroyalties that Spain created to govern its conquered lands in the New.

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New Spain, the Viceroyalty ofAfter a decade of conquest, exploration, and administrative turmoil, Spain created the viceroyalty of New Spain in in order to.

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Note that at its height, the Viceroyalty of New Spain also included Central America, parts of the West Indies, the southwestern and central United States, Florida.

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The Viceroyalty was a local, political, social and administrative institution created by The Spanish Monarchy in the XV century for ruling in its.

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Religion: Roman Catholicism. Government:Viceroyalty. New Spain (Spanish: Nueva España) was a colonial territory of the Spanish Empire in.

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The viceroyalty of New Spain was created when the greatest Aztec city, Tenochtitlan, was defeated in , ending Aztec, or Mexica, civilisation. The first phase.