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I'm wondering what the letter designations mean on BMW's mean. I understand what the numbers mean, the series and the engine, but what does the i, xi, li etc. stand for? and to the above question. the difference between the E30 and i, is that the is carburated, and.

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Hi there, The 'xi' affix is added to BMW vehicles that are both all-wheel-drive(x - BMW's xDrive system) and petrol-injected (i), eg xi. I hope I.

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BMW uses numbers followed by some alphabets for some models. is one of the "German Big 3" luxury automakers; which in English means Bavarian Motor Works. . xi. 3 Series Car. Engine Capacity = 30 X = cc OR Litres.

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The i designates a fuel injected model, the x designates all wheel drive.

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Everyone has heard of BMW's 3-series, 5-series and 7 series cars. The next two The letter i means fuel injection. In India I only know that I, IL, and XI after the series number deboted that it was a coupe, a sedan, or an awd. k Views.

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Currently in its fifth generation, the BMW 3-Series comprises more than a dozen In contrast, the xi uses all-wheel drive (AWD), which means the car's four.

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Looking for the definition of BMW XI? Find out what is the full meaning of BMW XI on gosteroids.com! '11th Annual IEEE Bandwidth Management Workshop'.

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BMW uses a number of proprietary terms such as Gran Coupe, xDrive and M Sport Line that can require an orientation for those who are new to the brand.

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XI vs. XDrive. Names are different, but the meaning is the same!! Appreciate 0 like the xi much better, what was BMW thinking? Appreciate.