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It's the theory that molecules have to collide in a certain way with a certain amount of energy in order to form a new product. Concentration.

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For the two to react, they need to collide with enough energy. This is where collision theory comes in. It's basically factors that affect the.

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1) When concentration is doubled, there will be double the amount of HNO3 in the same amount of space. Therefore, there will be double the amount of.

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The collision theory states that the more successful collisions there are, the faster the rate of reaction will be. A larger surface area can increase.

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We place milk in refrigerators to cool it down and to reduce the rate of reactions ( due to bacterial contaminants) causing the milk to spoil.

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For the first one, I think you're right that it's A, although that's a tough one since it's so qualitative. For the second one, it's definitely B. Here's.

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Depends what you mean by Particle Theory. Collision theory is an extension of kinetic molecular theory used to explain chemical reactions at.

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second difference - In the collision theory reaction occurs when two molecules collide, but only if the collision is sufficiently vigorous (means.