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A protected cell company (PCC) operates in two parts – the company core (Jatco Insurance Brokers PCC Ltd) and the cells (for instance, Lex Risk Solutions Cell). Once established a PCC can form cells for third parties. A protected cell transacts insurance business through the.

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A protected cell company (PCC) is a corporate structure, a single legal PCCs in order to create insurance products from banking products.

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Lime Street Insurance PCC Limited (“Lime Street PCC”) is a Willis Group captive insurance facility created specifically for companies looking to gain all the.

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General Discussion[edit]. Captive insurance structures can be classified into three main However, unlike a traditional insurance company the structure of a PCC is subdivided into the core, which contains the capital for the whole of the entity.

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Looking for information on Protected Cell Captive (PCC)? IRMI offers the most exhaustive resource of definitions and other help to insurance professionals found.

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Mangrove Insurance Solutions. Captive Solutions. PROTECTED CELL COMPANIES (PCC). FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS. What is a PCC? A Protected.

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Malta is the only full EU member state with protected cell legislation for direct insurance, reinsurance, captives, brokers and insurance managers.

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Set up a protected captive cell with the experts. Atlas insurance has been recognised as an EU PCC experts in in the set up of reinsurance and captive cells.

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The insurance market has always been innovative and one example of this is the concept of Protected Cell and Incorporated Cell Companies. A cell within a.