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Macro shooters sometimes need to know the distance between their subject and the image (film/sensor) plane, because that's how the.

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If you've always wondered what it means, today's your lucky day: it's called a “film plane mark” (or “focal plane mark”, depending on who you.

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The focal plane mark is the point from which distance is measured for various focus calculations. However, the focal plane is found inside the camera. The focal .

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The Focal Plane Indicator is a line with a little circle on it, usually located on top of the pentaprism on the top plate of the outside of the camera.

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The focal plane represents the area in a camera where light is focused.

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Focal Plane Explained. On this quick CreativLive video, photographer Mark Wallace takes a look at one of the most basic things every.

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Ever wondered what it means? It is called the focal plane mark; also known as image plane, sensor plane or film plane (in the days of film cameras).