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It wasn't that she couldn't deal with teasing, it was that he'd made her feel like an object, a thing, and she understood that no matter how clever.

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Try The Boy Hermione Saved From Impending Death a Million Times. Potter" Titles Would Have Been if Hermione Was the Main Character.

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Negative. The books would turn out to be negative. I'll explain. 1. Hermione is a muggle-born wizard. So in the past itself, things would be out of hand. Harry's.

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Ever wondered what it would have felt like if Hermione was the main with I think Hermione should've been the main character of the story.

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"Don't misinterpret your feelings of inadequacy for the cultural, social, economic, and political oppression of an entire gender. Feeling personally maligned does.

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Hermione Granger And The Goddammn Patriarchy. 1 of. Harry Potter Part 1Harry Potter Main CharactersHarry Potter JokesHarry Potter FandomHarry Potter.

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Every true Potterhead knows that Hermione is the main character in If you'd never read J.K. Rowling's books, you might assume that the first.

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Primary Menu Statistics show that you are probably not Hermione, and thus are this protagonist gig—not with Hermione “THE GODDESS REBORN” the books would've gone down if Hermione had been at the helm of.