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The following knowledge base article describes the various cache status' which exist in MicroStrategy Intelligence Server 9.x and newer releases. In MicroStrategy Developer 9.x and newer, administrator users can view the status of caches using the Cache Monitor as shown below.

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1xx Warnings that describe the freshness or revalidation status of the response . This means that the response is always stale, and so the cache SHOULD validate it the estimated age of the response message when obtained from a cache.

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Partial/Delta cache refresh will refresh change lists with the status Do not perform cache refresh when there are messages under .. This means it caches the definition of function modules, structures and other data types.

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This definition explains the meaning of a cache, a place where active data is placed to make it easier to access. The use of a cache reduces latency and.

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The items with code " (cache)" were fulfilled directly from your browser cache, meaning that the original requests for the items were returned.

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Status of This Memo This is an Internet Standards Track document. . An HTTP cache is a local store of response messages and the subsystem that .. See Section of [RFC] for the definition of the Date header field, and for.

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Developers can use the Application Cache (AppCache) interface to specify is used to provide offline support for a page a warning message is now . In Firefox the current status of the offline cache can be inspected on the data lines are assumed to be in the explicit (CACHE) section, meaning that the.

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Caching is a technique that stores a copy of a given resource and serves it This can be useful, if pages with HTTP authentication or response status . That means that a HTTP user-agent, such as the browser, does not Basics of HTTP · Overview of HTTP · Evolution of HTTP · HTTP Messages · A typical.