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A Christian serves God with heart and soul, moved by the love of Christ. In this context, the word translated 'compels' [συνέχω] means to powerfully urge along a line of conduct. Force is not How do we know someone loves us? By what he.

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Compel means to constrain someone, in some way, to yield or to do what one wishes: to compel a recalcitrant debtor to pay; Fate compels us to face danger and.

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Feel compelled definition: If you feel compelled to do something, you feel that you must do it, because it is the | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and.

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complled by love means to be influenced by love to do something. ex: She was compelled by love to write a song for him.

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Only then do I attempt a tentative outline for preaching the text. . If it is objective, then the text means: "The love I have for Christ compels me"; if subjective, the.

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What is compel (verb)? compel (verb) meaning, pronunciation and more by to force someone to do something, or to get something from someone using force.

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Why does God relentlessly reveal his love for us by telling us in the Bible Here's just a few examples of what I mean by God performing all his.

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"Compelled by Love" is the place where we are able to put the motivation with the We need to see them as God does and care for them like it counts. If you're looking to take your small group through what it means to be.