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One such e-mail posed this question in it: "Does 'financially independent,' come financially independent means, but is there an official financial definition of it?" can clearly be financially independent without being independently wealthy.

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To me the best thing about being independently wealthy is not the ability to own flashy luxury items (see What does it mean to be independently wealthy?.

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independently wealthy (not comparable). Possessing enough wealth that one does not need financial support from others or income from employment.

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In order to become independently wealthy, you must first forget the But if you are ready, the next thing you need to do is think about what you mean by: Being financially independent means having more income than you.

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independently-wealthy definition: Adjective (not comparable) 1. (of a person) Possessing enough wealth that one does not need financial support from another .

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What Does Being Independently Wealthy Mean? The first step in acquiring wealth and becoming affluent is to define what being independently.

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Why have people stopped using the term 'independently wealthy' in favor of I do think 'financial independence' is a bit confusing, though. into the PF blogosphere I thought that being financially independent meant not.

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Being independently wealthy means you can take opportunities when you want. What would you for a living if money didn't matter instead of.