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Top List FAQs

Top Steroid Sites List

What is the GoSteroids.com Top Steroid Site Top List?

GoSteroids.com is the first Top List for Steroid websites launched in 1999. Participating websites with steroid related content place a link back to GoSteroids.com on their website. Each time a visitor from their site comes to our site the hit is recorded and added and the sites that send us the most visitors are ranked in order.

What is the difference between a Top List and a normal listing?

Top lists don’t sort the listings by name or categories. The one that appears on top of the list more or less deserved it. With a normal list that is sorted, the name that starts with an A will probably get much more traffic than the ones with a name that starts with a Z.

  • Sites are not manually added but a webmaster can add his site by himself and change the information as often as he wants.
  • A Toplist has a ranking system. (explained below)
  • Because there are so many changes during the day in how the sites are ordered, a Toplist is updated every 30 ninutes.

What are IN’s and what are OUT’s?

Ok, the IN’s first. Webmasters place a (unique) link on their site that points to GoSteroids.com. That link can be either a banner or a textlink. Every time a surfer clicks on that link, he will go to GoSteroids.com and the IN’s of that specific site will be increased by 1.

The OUT’s are the other way around. If a surfer finds a site on the GoSteroids.com list that he wants to visit, he clicks on that link. By doing that, he will go to that specific site and the OUT’s of that site will be increased by 1.

So in other words… If someone goes from a site to GoSteroids.com , that specific site will get an extra IN. If someone goes from GoSteroids.com to a site , that specific site will get an extra OUT.

Does GoSteroids.com rank their site on a combination of IN’s and OUT’s?

No. The ranking is done on Unique IN’s . The one with the most Unique In’s in the last 48 hours is ranked at number one. The number of OUT’s are only displayed to see how many people went to that site in the last 48 hours. OUT’s don’t count in the ranking.

How often is the list updated?

Once every 30 minutes.

How often will the numbers reset to 0?

Never. GoSteroids.com doesn’t ‘reset’ like all other lists do. GoSteroids.com shows you what happened in the last 48 hours.

If this list never does a reset, will the numbers not grow sky high?

No. The IN’s and OUT’s are from the last 48 hours. Once every hour, all numbers are calculated from the current time up to 48 hours ago.

IN’s and OUT’s longer than 48 hours ago are not included anymore.

Why do you use this system instead of resetting the list once a day?

Because we think that resetting the list isn’t fair and it would be easy for webmasters to cheat their sites to the top just after a reset.

In order to increase the right numbers, how do you see what site was sending you the surfer?

To get listed, a webmaster needs to create an account. If he does that and he filled in all information, he will get the URL he needs to place on his site. Each URL is unique because the (unique-) Account number is included. A program on GoSteroids.com will notice if a surfer is coming IN and by reading the number of the URL that surfer used, he knows where the surfer came from.

What is your definition of UNIQUE?

GoSteroids.com is ranking on Unique IN’s . The number between the brackets are the Raw IN’s .

A Unique IN is a visitor that comes to GoSteroids.com from a specific site unless he already came IN from that specific site or went OUT to that specific site in the last 48 hours.

This means that if someone wants to ‘help’ a site by clicking 1000 times on a link that goes to GoSteroids.com, that site will get only 1 IN.

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