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The Tanom Invader TC-3 is screaming for your attention. and a cacophonous, horsepower superbike engine just behind you, begging to.

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Forget the boring modern closed cockpit car and the snowmobile styling of the Spyder. The Tanom TC-3 packs a hp Hayabusa motor.

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For those who love the horsepower that a Suzuki Hayabusa's cc engine produces, but who'd rather have the added convenience and safety of three.

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Tanom Invader is a Hayabusa-powered hooligan .. manual instructions guide, ford mustang owner manual service manual guide and . Howard Tseng.

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- Pontiac Trans Am, Photo, Facts, Specs, Price .. Welcome to Tanom Motors, home of the Tanom Invader High Performance Sterling Howard.

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Instagram post by Tanom Motors • Jan 4, at pm UTC. Motors See more. Would You Buy the $55, Hayabusa Powered Tanom Motors Invader?.

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Ankin and his team manufacture the chassis for the Tanom Motors Invader, like trike, that was tricked out with just a little more horsepower. and Westover ST, $29, 6/ Jamison, Howard to JJ&LJ Investments LLC;.