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Chandler finds out that Monica had a bacholerette party with stripper even Dr. Leonard Green: [Phoebe has just told Rachel's father that she's pregnant.

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Episode cast overview: The Doctor (as Robert Koch) Ross freaks out when he hears about the ring so the guys ring the stripper to get the ring back. It turns.

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"The One With The Stripper" is the eighth episode of the eighth season of Friends , Even though Rachel says she and Ross don't love each other, Dr. Green.

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They are, in chronological order: Lesbian Robin, Moustache Marshall, Stripper Lily, Mexican Wrestler Ted, and Fertility Doctor Barney. Contents[show].

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"House Divided" is the twenty-second episode of the fifth season of House. It aired on April 27, Anne Dudek as Dr. Amber Volakis ยท Ryan Lane as Seth Miller ; Clare Carey as Ellie Miller; Treshelle Edmond . Karamel, the stripper from Wilson's bachelor party, approaches Wilson and soon he is doing shots off her stomach.

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Character. Stripper. "She's looking at me! What do I do?!" Dr. Venture thought he had a chance with her but it was Brock who got to her first. She worked alongside Hunter Gathers Episode Appearances[edit].

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Dip: Doctor Who ratings have dropped to million viewers for latest episode after a series high of million for the opener as some viewers.

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Episode 17 Instead, Frasier is plunged into the depths of despair when the stripper hired for the party turns out to be one of his as Dr. Lilith Sternin-Crane.

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Dr. Sudip Bose treats a lap dancer with a stiletto heel stuck in her cheek. She flirts with Dr. Every 'Untold Stories of the ER' Episode EVER. i. Discovery Life. Dr.

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She wants to meet a secure and nurturing man, but Emma's stripper moves and outrageous personality get in the way. To transform her into a.