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Why Do Cats Make Those 'Chirping' Sounds? "Generally, cat chirping occurs when a cat is interested in or provoked by prey - a bird.

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Discover the meaning behind the most common cat sounds including purring and to be heard whilst a cat is watching or stalking birds, or another form of prey.

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Whether you know this noise as chirping, clicking or chattering, your cat does this out of frustration from not being able to get to prey.

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Cats are known for their physical agility, but this vocal manipulation of the sounds could mean a lot more to the intended prey than previously.

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Below are the main thoughts that experts have on why cats chatter at birds. Making noises that are similar to those their prey makes might help cats get closer.

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However, in unneutered and unspayed cats, these sounds are part of mating is hunting behavior; your cat may stalk their prey (a toy, a housemate or you).

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Cat communication is the transfer of information by one or more cats that has an effect on the The purr is a continuous, soft, vibrating sound made in the throat by most species of felines. Domestic kittens can . Cats sometimes make excited chirping or chattering noises when observing or stalking prey. These range from .