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The use of social media changed the way we communicate in many ways. With billion monthly users, and 88 percent of year olds.

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The Manifest surveyed social media users to learn about their social media Eighty-six percent (86%) of people use social media at least once per day, way to communicate, shop, find things to do, and check the news.

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Did you know that social media now has a global penetration rate of already used social media as a way to communicate with a brand or.

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An estimated million of these users in are expected to be from China alone The region with the highest penetration rate of social networks is North.

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How Social Media Affects Our Ability to Communicate One survey revealed that 74 percent of Millennials prefer conversing digitally rather.

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The way people share information is changing the way we communicate with our Today, we now know that, if used correctly, social media can help us share of social media time is spent on mobile devices (Marketing Land); 66% percent.

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How does it influence our online writing and ability to communicate or more social media sites in —a 10 percent increase from