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The Outlook profile's RPC endpoint is the RPC Client Access Server array (or a specific CAS if for some reason you did not create an array.

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Outlook anywhere is disabled on our EX2K10 servers. FQDN configured by the RpcClientAccessServer parameter on their mailbox database.

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Running the Test-OutlookConnectivity cmdlet validates an Outlook connection This includes testing for both Outlook Anywhere (RPC over HTTP) and MAPI over HTTP . -RpcProxyAuthenticationType:Basic -RpcClientAccessServer:CAS

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So something must be wrong with the internal Outlook connection. internal access point for Outlook (Outlook Anywhere as we use Exchange , there is no additional check which RpcClientAccessServer is set on the Exchange

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internally my outlook clients resolve fqdn gosteroids.com outlookanywhere and all Certs work fine - because I have the to modify the RPCClientAccessServer attribute and then reconnect users to exchange and it should be resolved.

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This appears to also be the case when the users connect from outside the offices over the internet using Outlook Anywhere (aka RPC/HTTPS).

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For Exchange servers you can expect the Outlook Anywhere . In addition to the HTTPS namespaces, the RPCClientAccessServer (or.

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On the server, run Exchange Shell as admin. Type get-mailboxdatabase | fl name ,RPC* to see a list of the existing “RpcClientAccessServer” properties, which is.

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I always wonder how outlook knows how to connect at the end to the in all cases, (nor internally, only if you want to force Outlook Anywhere behavior) RULE: The RPCClientAccessServer property of the database a.k.a the.

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Recently, my team was notified on an issue happening to outlook clients. Outlook was not able to launch for all users in a particular site.