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; Cyberliber not dated; Botanischer Garten und Botanisches Elix ; Louwhoff & Elix ;Spielmann & Marcelli ;Sipman et al.

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There are only a few papers based on specialist field sampling (Louwhoff & Elix . lichens (Parmeliaceae) in southernmost South America. Article. Jun

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Article (PDF Available) · January with Reads .. Elix, ; Louwhoff & Elix, ; Schumm, ), but not others (e.g. Hafellner, ; Dodge, Ann. Mo. Bot. .. Lichen systematics: the role of morphological and molecular data.

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Arup, U., Søchting, U. & Frödén, P. () A new taxonomy of the family . Dodge, C.W. () Lichens and lichen parasites. . Galloway, D.J. () Lichens in Southern Hemisphere temperate rainforest and their role in maintenance of .. Louwhoff, S.H. [J.J.], Gibson, M. & Elix, J.A. () Seven lichens new to Victoria.

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In Australia this lichen is known from Tasmania (McCarthy ). .. Rinodina olivaceobrunnea &, Ann. Missouri Bot. Gard. to contribute an important study of the role of lichens on successional surfaces ( Mark .. is W.M. Malcolm, J.A. Elix, G. Kantvilas, S.H.J.J. Louwhoff, and P.M.

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21 () Literature: Mongkolsuk et al., as Arthopyrenia consobrina .. et al., ; Wolseley et al., ; Louwhoff et al., ; Schumm and Aptroot Haematomma africanum (J. Steiner) C.W. Dodge, Beih. Printzen C () Lichen Systematics: The role of morphological and molecular.