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Whats the best quality in a person?, where would you and your friend hang out?, would you live with them?.

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Take the test and see which famous YouTube BFFs best describes you and your friend! Calculating Results Embed.

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Okie dokie! Let's get started. okay, simple question, what would you MOST LIKELY be doing on the weekends? Partying:D. I would be on the.

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Find out who you will going to Starbucks with every Saturday by taking this quiz!.

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YouTube has created some amazing friendships. From Dan and Phil to Zoella and Louise, the magic of the internet has brought people.

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In I became the Weekend Farmgirl! I work in LA and spend my weekends on my acre ranch in the mountains of SoCal. How does an LA girl manage a farm.

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Find amazing Whos Your Youtuber Bff GIFs from on Gfycat. amazingphil who's your youtuber bff popjam phil lester danisnotonfire danandphilgames dan.

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Discover more amazingphil, dan and phil games, dan howell, danisnotonfire, phil lester, twerk, twerk phil, youtubers GIFs on Gfycat.