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The table below lists the moves affected by Skill Link, as well as %, 5, Heracross Cinccino Pikipek Trumbeak Toucannon.

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So I have a Skill Link Cinccino as one of my battlers, and she knows 3 moves that all hit times (Tail Slap, Bullet Seed, and Rock Blast.).

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The Skill Link ability, according to bulbapedia, should make chain moves (i.e. moves that hit multiple times in a turn) always hit the maximum.

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Those 3 moves you listed on Ambipom are all normal, no coverage? Ambipom Cinccino also has a trolly niche in King's Rock Skill Link.

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Overview. Cinccino's ability in Skill Link gives it great power on its main STAB move, Tail Slap. Thanks to its coverage options in Bullet Seed and Knock Off.

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Tail Slap is a powerful STAB move that does significant damage to anything that does Skill Link is used to force Tail Slap to always hit five times, giving it more.

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I am trying to get my hands on a Mincinno/Cinccino with the HA Skill Link! and egg moves Moonblast and Encore that I can offer for a trade!.

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Skill Link: Moves that attack times always hit 5 times. - And here we have what makes Cinccino as good as it is. With Cinccino packing Tail Slap, Rock Blast.

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Skill Link Hidden Ability. This Pokémon always hits five times with two-to-five-hit moves, such as []{move:icicle-spear}. It also bypasses the accuracy checks on.

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In order to obtain a Hidden Ability Minccino, you will have to either. Trade for Slot #1: Cute Charm; Slot #2: Technician; Hidden Slot: Skill Link.