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Manc saying: Newtons (Mancunian rhyming slang: Newton Heath = teeth) Example: "What's up with the baby, he won't stop scrikin". (Sent in.

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Usage: 'What's up with our Donna? She's got a right Salfords: Socks ( Mancunian rhyming slang: Salford Docks = socks). Usage: 'Pull your.

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Saying/ word: A doll and a drum and a kick up a bum. Meaning: That is what you get for being cheeky. 8. Saying/ word: What ya on wi lad.

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16 Slang Mancunian Phrases Explained In Perfect English. Alright lad, are you up to owt? Posted by Lovin Manchester. Loading Try Again.

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A rather onomatopoeic word Mancunians use meaning crying or screaming. “ That baby Keep up, will you? A Mancunian's way of saying they're extremely hungry. Culture · Film · Food and Drink · Music · What's On.

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Manchester slang is often referred to Manc or Mancunian, and also uses rhyming slang. Find out why and what some common words are in this British Engl. That means you would say, “Go up the apples.” Other examples.