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Maceration occurs when skin is in contact with moisture for too long. Macerated skin looks lighter in color and wrinkly. It may feel soft, wet.

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Learn about skin maceration, when the skin is exposed to too much The prevention of skin maceration is ultimately the best form of treatment.

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VOL: 96, ISSUE: 45, PAGE NO: 35 Martyn Butcher, RGN, DipHSW, CertMHS, is tissue viability clinical nurse specialist, Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust Maceration of the skin around wounds is a common wound care problem. An archive of around 6, peer-reviewed clinical articles.

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Avoidance and management of peri-wound maceration of the skin. 1 September, Keith F. Cutting, MN, RMN, RN, DipN (Lond), CertEd(FE). Principal.

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Maceration of the skin is harmless in most cases, however, there are severe cases that can turn into periwound skin and infections that can.

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With toe web ITD, the webbing may present with maceration, erythema, desquamation and even erosion of the affected skin, impairing ambulation in severe.