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You need CompizConfig Settings Manager (CCSM) to change the settings for Compiz. It is available from the Ubuntu repos. You can use.

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I just did a fresh install of Arch and I installed LXDE. I want to use compiz instead of openbox, but I can't get it to start. I tried "compiz --replace".

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I am having a bit of a problem trying out Compiz in Lubuntu I'm running an older Dell Vostro desktop, with 2 gigs of RAM and an.

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(taken from Compiz README). Compiz is an OpenGL compositing manager that use GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap for binding redirected top-level windows.

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hi at all! I've a little problem with compiz fusion. When I start it, and I choose emerald as windows decorator, openbox were killed but emerald.

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I've been running PCLOS KDE with compiz for about 6 months. I've heard good things about LXDE, and I thought I'd try it out this.

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If you review and update the page, please remove this warning. Thanks! This page is for users, the page for developers is on Compiz-devel.

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Compiz Reloaded Repository for Debian. See more information on Compiz Wiki Install a window decorator for Compiz (Recommended for XFCE, LXDE) .

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anyone can tell me how i can make sure that compiz starts on boot in LXDE? i got opensuse LXDE, but need to change to compiz.

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I just finished to write a tutorial abut how to install Compiz + Emerald on Trisquel- mini which is based on Lxde desktop. The tutorial is for version.