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During the course of the show's history, there have been a few occasions when companions have died while.

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Katarina sacrifices herself to save the Doctor in The Daleks' Master Book companion Roz Forrester dies in battle in the book So Vile a Sin.

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But she's not the first companion to leave the Doctor's side in a totally Note: This list only includes companions from the television series — as .. Anyway, River's death is sort of a downer — she sacrifices herself to save the.

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Birth date: March 1, - Death date: June 18, (age: 55) Having been spotted by Doctor Who production assistant Viktors Ritelis while.

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Jenna Coleman Clara leaves Doctor Who; sad companion leaving scenes. Kylie Minogue's Christmas special companion enough to make her death in in Doctor Who history – didn't top our list, but we have our reasons.

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When we made our list of best companions, we used a few different criteria. Adric's death was stunning, brave, and mainly the fault of those.

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The role of the Doctor's loyal assistant has catapulted some stars into major Starred in Brookside but died of cancer last year, aged