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Go into the locker room next door and try to use the key on a locker. Jeff has a Ruler and Protractor, but these items don't actually do anything.

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Next door to Jeff and Tony's room, there are a bunch of presents wrapped up for Feel free to drop the Ruler and Protractor (they are useless), but hang onto.

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Ruler Appears in EarthBound, EarthBound Beginnings Type Item The ruler is an item that has no apparent application and appears in EarthBound, along with a.

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I have heard all over that the ruler and protractor are useless, others say there's a man who says something about missing the bathroom door.

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People speak about how Earthbound is as good as Chrono Trigger or item ( ruler, protractor, Jeff's door opening key thing) and inventory is so.

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I only know of one use for the ruler and that's in the monkey cave. As far as I'm concerned, the protractor is useless. However, some people say.

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EarthBound at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies. Get out of bed and head near the door, Tony your roommate will Sell your protractor and ruler, they are useless and a complete waste of slot space.