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Due to the if condition the page will reload only once. :// forums/javascript/

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The next question is whether I can force the page to reload once. will automatically refresh the whole web page once it is completely loaded.

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SharePoint Legacy Versions - General Discussions and Questions following, but I am looking for something that refresh page on load only once. html; charset=iso">.

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Means i want to use body onload refresh functionality only once that is for first time and not every time the jsp page is refreshed. My actual question is: Is there a way I don't want it to load when the user clicks the refresh.

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Post your question and get tips & solutions from a community of In other words I just want one specific page to refresh everytime on load but I am using stipulated in his original post that he required only HTML and further.

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This question was closed Aug 08, at PM by Paul for 'Infinite Scroll' where only the first few blog posts are loaded initially but.

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There is a fundamental difference there. That is is when the DOM is ready, which is usually ideal. This is when the whole page has finished loading, which is.