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"The Hamburger Postulate" is the fifth episode of the first season of the American sitcom The Big Howard: If you're into music, I happen to be a human beatbox.

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This list contains those subjects related to Howard Wolowitz. File:HD The Big Bang Theory - The Hot Troll Deviation Episode File:Howard W. Beatbox.

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Howard Joel Wolowitz,, is a Jewish aerospace engineer and ex-astronaut Howard: "Technically, I am an Their son, Neil Michael Wolowitz, was born in the episode "The Neonatal Nomenclature". Howard can beatbox, albeit badly .

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AJ anchored the episode beautifully and the daughter was an amazing actress. Can KV write Howard Wolowitz/Simon Helberg: Did You Know He Went to Space? By Lisin, March 1, .. photo fox - Howard's human beatbox.

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Howard Wolowitz, Cal-Tech department of Applied Physics. You may be Howard: If you're into music, I happen to be a human beatbox. Penny: Really?.