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A feeler gauge is a tool used to measure gap widths. Feeler gauges are mostly used in engineering to measure the clearance between two parts. It consist of a.

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It is most useful for checking tool angle while cutting threads in metal turning lathes. The angle on the thread cutting tool is checked on the V slots in the gauge .

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Screw-cutting gage A gage now in ordinary use is shown at A in Fig. In the use of my improvement the gage B is set, by means of a test-gage or otherwise.

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- Screw Pitch - Thread Gauge. 28 x Imperial Threads, 23 x Metric Threads + 1 x 60° Screw Cutting Gauge. MEASU-MAX. Code: Q ex-gst. inc-gst.

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The pitch of a thread is best measured with a "thread gauge" of the type available from Its first use for screwcutting was nothing short of a revolutionary step for.

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Moore and Wright Screw Cutting Gauge is precisely milled for accurate evaluation of thread form.

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To use a thread gauge, the user must first match the type of If the teeth (cut into the leaf) match the spacing of the thread, then the.

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Kennedy KENK Manufactured from hardened and polished steel to check BA, Whitworth and BSF, Acme and American Screw Threads. Angles: 60°.

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Screw Cutting Gauge - Model Combined threading tool gauge for ACME 14 1/2o and angular threads 47 1/20, 55o, 60o. Send Enquiry · User Manual.