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How to use broach in a sentence. Example sentences with the word broach. broach example sentences.

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Definition of Broach. to mention a topic for debate or discussion. Examples of Broach in a sentence. Candace was afraid to broach the subject of divorce to her .

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I thought I'd better broach the matter with my boss. Broach in a sentence This process heightens the use results of involute spline broach.

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broach in a sentence - Use "broach" in a sentence 1. Wollard inserted a tiny rough-edged instrument called a broach. 2. They said they would try to broach the.

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Here are 40 fantastic examples of sentences and phrases with the word "broach".

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broach brəʊtʃ/ verb 1. raise (a difficult subject) for discussion. synonyms: bring up, raise, introduce, talk about, mention, touch on, open.

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English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families The Word " Broach" in Example Sentences

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Broach definition: When you broach a subject, especially a sensitive one, you to open in order to begin to use Example sentences containing 'broach'.

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Broach definition is - brooch. How to use broach in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of broach.

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Definition of broach - raise (a difficult subject) for discussion, pierce (a cask) to draw out More example sentences . rise (late Middle English) to broach ( sense 2). broach (sense 1), a figurative use of this, dates from the late 16th century.