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When you work on a heat pump system and you want to test defrost there are so many different test procedures to follow to test the board and.

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2 ton Carrier 38YXA heat pump. Balance point set at 40*F Defrost thermostat closes contacts 30*F plus or minus 3*F Defrost thermostat opens.

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Checking the Defrost Control Board HVAC Training - Defrost Control And connect a jumper across the defrost thermostat terminals on the control board.

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A heat pump's outdoor unit will begin to frost and ice up somewhere aro. boards) the defrost board sends a signal to the defrost thermostat to test for icing.

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In this HVAC Heat Pump Defrost Video I go over the pivotal role that the DFT Defrost Limit Sensor has in making sure that defrost cycle.

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On heat pump units, when in the heating mode, the reversing valve defrost thermostat to be closed when the defrost board checks it, the board Field Testing.