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To return items from a list using ECMAScript (JavaScript, JScript), use the the list, or use the set_viewXml function to define a CAML query and return exp) method of the JavaScript object model in Microsoft SharePoint.

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Perform basic tasks in SharePoint using the JavaScript client object model Create, read, update, and delete files; SharePoint list item tasks.

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getByTitle('SharePoint List 2'); var camlQuery = new gosteroids.comery(); camlQuery. set_viewXml(query); items = gosteroids.comms(camlQuery);.

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It looks like you're never actually triggering the retrieveListItems function. Try adding this at the top of you script, after the var siteUrl.

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Normally this would be accomplished by using C# and creating a new Web Part to access the list. But with more and more Sharepoint sites.

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JS file to retrieve data from a SharePoint list and display the items in a . each item and calls the GetLine function to get the HTML content for.

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Retrieve the List Items in SharePoint Using JavaScript //This function loads the list and runs the query asynchronously; function.

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Many times I've used the examples in this article to get lists items from SharePoint using JavaScript. The examples in this article are however.

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Introduction: I am going to give you the basic idea of performing CRUD operation on SharePoint List using SharePoint JavaScript Object Model.