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Once you've finished writing a story part, you can publish it to your profile and There's currently no feature to publish multiple parts at once on the Android app.

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Publishing your work here on Wattpad is a breeze, because it can be done in two minutes of less, and you won't get any rejection letters! No one likes getting.

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Enter Wattpad, an app that does both, while also letting you have a more You also don't have to publish all at once lots of people actually post chapter by.

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Wattpad is a social media site that lets you connect to readers. In this Article: Signing UpMaking a ProfilePublishing StoriesCommunity Q&A14 References.

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Wattpad is proving out a publishing model that could well be the standard in years to come. Here's what all writers need to know about Wattpad. And now I' m developing an audiobook community app to drive ordinary users.

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So you've written a story and don't want to self-publish or have it sit in a Wattpad is a community for readers and writers spanning across different genres. Accessible by app and website; Large reader and writer audience.