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What router do you have? Most home routers allow all outbound traffic. So strictly speaking you don't need port forwarding for a reverse shell.

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Now my question why does it work without configuring the router? In this case the OS You can imagine it as there's 2 port-forward database.

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So there is tonnes of stuff on the internet on how to do it but none of it works on windows 10, I have this error every.

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There are many methods to port forward without router access. Some methods are better than others at allowing you to port forward without.

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Thread: [Guide] Open ports WITHOUT router access! . removes a port. Here is a good wiki page. Port forwarding using UPnP – Wippies Wiki.

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Try using Port Map is a free tool for portfowarding without routers password, the only bad thing is that it only works for Mac Oficial Link.

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For port forwarding to work the router needs to know which computer you how to get it on Windows, for linux or mac you will have to look it up.

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Useful iptables Port Forwarding Patterns Port Forwarding How do I forward ports without a router connected? 2, Views · What is the best Is it possible to create more lans based on client Mac rather than router port?.