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David asks, "Can I lay new sod right on top of a dead patch of grass? Unwanted Plants: If you're covering up weeds or unwanted grass species, there's a.

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Through experience, it is not best to lay sod over existing grass. If you want the new sod to look its best and with no old weeds or old grass.

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Just as a great painting begins with a blank canvas, a great sod lawn starts on a plot of land without weeds. Laying sod on top of weedy soil, even soil that has.

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In this Article:Article SummaryTesting and Clearing Off Your SoilGrading Your SoilTilling Send in your soil sample a month before you plan on laying down the sod so you have Controlling weeds is easier if it's done before sod is put down.

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If you've always wanted a lush, emerald-green lawn but yours is weedy with patches of In this Article:Article SummaryPreparing the SoilBuying SodLaying Read on to learn how to get the soil ready, select and lay your sod, and care for .

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Count on one weekend to prepare the soil for sod and another to lay the turf. and to shade out weeds—always aim to cut off one-third of the grass's length.