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Yesterday night I was asked to drum at a funeral that is 3 days from now. I've only played a few funerals, one of which was very sad and quiet.

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I returned to my apartment and set up my new drums in front of our little the sad funeral procession to the slow, somber beat of muffled drums.

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Anyone know what a "funeral drum" is? the band plays slow, churchy songs, and the drummer lays a cloth over the drum head to muffle it.

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The sound of the funeral drums. of the funeral drums. Funeral Cadence at Funeral for President Kennedy. Taken from a few different sources.

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Example sentences with "muffled drum", translation memory The cadenced rain was muffled here, like the drumming for a funeral cortege passing out on the .

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Learn how to increase the sound of your drum set with these drum muffling techniques. Adding a pillow in your bass drum, or drum ring on your snare can cut.

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He could hear the cadence of the muffled drums. It was Nov. 25, Clark, 36, the Army bugler assigned to sound taps at the funeral, had.

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Title: Muffled drums at funeral (R.N. School of Music),; Collection. Cigarette cards ยท Interesting customs & Navy, Army & Air force. Dates / Origin.

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For funeral marches the snare drum is muffled by pulling the snares off. When the snares are off it's the same as a tom-tom. But you don't muffle drums with.