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now, I am not entirely sure if it's the same way everywhere, but at least in the con's I've gone to, carrying metal swords is forbidden, or, if allowed, it is forbidden to.

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Wooden Katana and Stand: This instruct able will teach you how to make a sleek If you have a router, just run it along the bottom of the blade until you have.

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How to Make a Japanese Bokken: Here I describe the method for making a bokken, which is a Japanese wooden skill level required using this.

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How to Make a Prop(wood) Katana, and Sheath: now, I am not entirely sure if Make a model katana - Samurai sword Katana, Aikido, Samurai Swords, Kendo.

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This is indeed my own start to finish sword making tutorial. It will cover the whole process, both in deviation form, and with a companion video.

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Wooden Toy Katana, Ninja/Samurai Sword, Handmade Child's Toy with an All Natural . Made To Order - CUSTOM - OWN DESIGN - Game - Anime - Katana.