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I stumbled across tutorials on how to remove extension from a PHP page . What about I wanted to remove those as well! In this tutorial I'll.

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For example, they want the URL '' to display as . hi, i want my files extension will be hide in url i used your code isnot.

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As for removing from the url, simply link to the page To remove extension from your urls, you can use the following code in.

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On the Preferences window that will appear check the Show Hidden Files # remove html file extension-e.g. will.

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To extension from URL. In This article i am show you how to remove. First gosteroids.coms file and write below code [code]RewriteEngine.

how does labour start after a sweep extension from a page address. How I can hide page from a web page address. Example.

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How to extension - Hello, How this is possible to hide extension by writing command gosteroids.comss. As example if my web page.

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How to Remove File Extension .php,.html) from URL gosteroids.comss. Removing Back-end technology is hidden from end users. But it's still.