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Kind of like a snow flake, no two curls are the same but all of them are Melt chocolate & butter in the microwave on 30% power until smooth.

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Grab your potato peeler and get grating. Watch this nifty little food hack to help you grate perfect chocolate shavings in seconds.

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I was using a knife to "grate" chocolate, when my mom gave me a cheese Tip the chocolate bar onto its side, and as you would slice cheese, you "slice" chocolate, and then you get either finely grated whisps or thick curls.

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La Diva Chocolate Cake Makes 8 to 12 servings A dual ganache treatment cut into bits Finishing Touches Confectioners' sugar Chocolate curls moist, Fold in sour cream and then dry ingredients, melted chocolate, and grated chocolate.

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Layer chocolate brownies with pudding and more in this Chocolate Passion Bowl . Watch our video to learn how to make an easy Chocolate Passion Bowl. I sprinkled freshly grated chocolate flakes on top to fill in the gaps 1/2 tsp raspberry extract carefully blended in; and 3) I added shaved dark chocolate curls on top of.

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flavoured chocolate, chopped into small pieces; ml double cream; g passion fruit curd; white chocolate curls or grated white chocolate, to serve .

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Feb 25, Explore Elizabeth Thornton's board "Chocolate Shavings" on Pinterest. Chocolate curling techniques: small & large curls using a potato peeler Frozen Passion Fruit Mousse with White Chocolate Shavings via, white chocolate garnish, food presenatation, garnish Grated chocolate shavings for top.